Artist Statement

Humans, Machines, Mother Earth

Since becoming pregnant in 2003 and having a child, I’ve become more aware of how everything is alive and interconnected, even machines. My work has begun to show machines in relationship with humans and mother earth. The imagery suggests a coming together of plants, people, robots, machines and their various energy fields pulsating or looping in and out.  

There is a symbiotic relationship between humans and machines. I believe that humans need machines to be human, and machines need us to grow and evolve, and they are evolving at an exponential rate. Soon (in 50-100 years) we will be interacting with robot friends and we may even have relatives who are half cyborg. My work envisions helpful and peaceful machines. My inspirations are: the Papero childcare robot, the Tamagotchi electronic pet, Sony Aibo and Dream Robot, Hello Kitty cell phones and computers, R2 -D2, personal mini computers, GPS, telecommunications, free-flying miniature space robots, satellites that aid environmental monitoring, electronic keyboards, and more.

-Kelly Newcomer, March 2006