1-13-08 - Blog --- I'm going to make news posts to my blog. It's easier to stay up to date, since you can receive updates in an RSS reader. http://kellynewcomer.blogspot.com

1-12-08 Robot Valentines Craft at the uptown Minneapolis library:

Make cardboard robot valentines for your friends!
Walker Library, 2880 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis
Saturday, February 9th
Storytime at 10:00 a.m.
Music at 10:30 a.m.
Craft at 11:00 a.m.

Join Uptown artist Kelly Newcomer to assemble pre-cut cardboard pieces into a robot valentine!
Make your own unique bookmarks and valentines using reclaimed cardboard!


1-10-08 Nancy Newcomer, my mom, is coming up with some robot valentines wordings for my valentines cards... Here is the first RU Mine 2? I put the card up on etsy.com here. My other favorite saying of Nancy's "Be the Terminator of my lonliness... Be mine." haha mom sure can write good copy! I will have to try and draw a terminator I guess.


1-8-08 Minnesota Illustration exhibit at College of Visual Arts Gallery will feature some of my commercial illustration work and some original work as well. Andy Powell cureated this and I think he found my work from the internet. Opening reception Thursday Jan. 24th, 6-8 pm.... Hmmm will I keep the children up late to attend this? I guess I will give it a shot.

I updated the links page with links to mumbleboy's art and Emery Blagdon's healing machine.

11-18-07 Limited edition prints available on kellynewcomer.etsy.com

11-16-07 Baby James Rocket Newcomer Ronnei born September 19th, 2007. His big brother Everett is three years old. Everett started preschool this fall which gives me some time to spend in the studio. Also, I took a watercolor class this fall. Also. I'm using a new web page editor, and haven't figured it out yet, so some of the page layouts may be less than clear for the time being. Just email me if you'd like to know more about some pieces.

10-6-06 New Characterism listing on Wikipedia says, "The 2003 exhibit included some of today's leading Manga artists – Kia Asamiya (Dark Angel), Yoshiro Komado & Tommy Ohtsuka (from Slayers) and Hitoshi Tomizawa (from Alien Nine), but goes far beyond to include surrealists such as Tim Slowinski, and Kelly Newcomer, both mentioned by Terrance Lindall as two of the worlds top ten surrealists in the March 2006 issue of Art and Antiques Magazine." Thanks to Terrance of the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center!

10-3-06 Uptown Open Studio: Kelly Newcomer and friends will have an open studio event with original art and multiples and crafty items for sale Nov. 18 & 19th, noon-6pm. 910 West 31st Street, Minneapolis.

8-10-06 Watch for the new book featuring some of my work (ceramic robots). The book is called Dot Dot Dash and is coming out in October. This book is sort of a third sequel to Pictoplasma which was printed back in 2001.

3-6-06 Art & Antiques Magazine has an article about Surrealism featuring my work, "Hello I Love You Robot." This was written by a Minneapolitan named Terrance Lindall who saw my work at the Brooklyn show "Characterism: Pop Culture Art in USA and Japan," back in Feb. of 2004. I was pregnant back then. Art has been slowed down here since I've been working on programming our little baby boy. I'm starting to try and meet other midwesterner artists now and a couple I really like are Scott Stulen and Allen Brewer. Also, it was fun to hear from donut artist Mike Eaton.

Although I haven't made a donut painting since way back when I was a baker in Eugene, OR I enjoyed chatting with Mike on the phone. He is setting up some donut shows on the west coast and he also makes donut soft sculpture. Other stuff: I'm on myspace.com. I just got a note from a teenager at my alma - mater! (she likes my work hooray). News: This month's "The Rake" (a Minneapolis culture magazine) features a little illustration of mine- a lovesick fish.

2-7-06 Doing the guest Sketch-it artist thing on Scott Moore's blogspot thing was real fun. It got me thinking about being connected to the internet after ignoring it for a while. Now I've created a feed for the peace machine comic http://www.kellynewcomer.com/peacemachine.xml An old Minneapolis colleague suggested I send samples of my work to local ad agency which his brother owns, so I'm working on a little promotion involving Valentines cards.

2-2-06 I'll be guest artist on sketch-it.blogspot.com this Saturday. For ONE DOLLAR, you will receive a digital version of a beautiful and quick little sketch that I make. I'll keep the originals and will hopefully be exhibiting them this spring. Sketch-it is a blog started by my Minneapolis friend, Scott Moore. He began it about 3 or 4 weeks ago and I am his first guest artist. Questions??? let me know. Here is the actual link to the guest sketch announcement on Sketch-it http://sketch-it.blogspot.com/2006/02/guest-sketch.html Please forward this announcement to your friends! Interestingly, Scott Moore is an artist and animator and a stay-at-home dad. We met at the park.

It's been awhile since I updated my website. Art developments over the past year: got an art studio a block away, did illustration for magazines Utne Reader and The Rake, started Peace Machine comic, my two galleries in Denver and St. Louis went out of business/moved on to new ventures, I got A LOT of my art back! Had to find room for all my big paintings. Starting to think that making small paintings would be nice since I wouldn't have to worry about storing them. Made a couple paintings. Here's a recent picture of me with Everett.

7-24-05 I have some prints for sale at RobotLOVE a nice store in my neighborhood, and I made a comic about Peace Machine for Minneapolis' new neighborhood monthly newspaper, The Uptown News.

4-27-05 Besides proofreading and taking care of baby Everett, I've been painting and drawing here and there. It's my major challenge to continue as an artist when the necessities of earning money and caring for the baby are so insistent. My husband Jamie helps when he's home from being a pilot (he's gone for half the month travelling). One of the best things he does is just take the baby out for a walk so I have the house to myself. I'm drawn to paint on small pieces of paper primarily now. My environment informs the mediums I work with. A couple times now I've invited another mom and baby over and while mom and I work on our art projects at the dining room table, the babies play with each other. This is another good strategy that has been working out well. (I'm adding a note here Feb. 2006: It didn't work out well. The only good way to make art with a baby is to get a babysitter or else baby will only let mom have 20 minutes.)

2-8-05 My new stay at home career is called scoping. I edit transcripts for court reporters. Here is my scoping website and here is a website I am making for a court reporter who is training me.

1-28-05 Wow, time sure flies! I have a couple illustrations in magazines this month. Utne Reader, and The Rake. I'm still making paintings, but it is harder to find the time since Everett's birth. When Everett's asleep is my time! Here is a link to his little page of baby photos I put together last week. Studio Aiello in Denver arranged for four of my ceramic robots to be displayed at the Denver airport along with a large painting, Orange Satellite on Blue. I hope to get out there for the next opening at their gallery, March 11. Also, in March, Uncle Jim and friends have invited us to visit them in their rented vacation apartment in Vienna in late March. So, now that Jamie works for an airline, we're probably going to do that. Just gotta get the passport for Everett still.

9-24-04 I just found a really nice photo of the Siemens cell phone cover I did last year. Here's the image.

9-22-04 Baby Everett is 3 months old (picture here) and I am going back to work! Actually, I am trying to get graphic design work here at home. I'm also planning a studio sale for Minneapolis. If you're reading this and you know anyone who needs some graphic design work done, please think of me, I've been doing it for years and have lots of experience doing everything from full color magazine ads to brochures, catalogs, posters, you name it. New on the website are some photos of my satellite dishes, ceramic dinnerware. I would love to sell a set, so if you're interested, let me know, and we can discuss prices.

9-6-04 Everett is 10 weeks old, and I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of him, he's so cute!

8-9-04 Our baby is here! Everett Joseph Newcomer Ronnei, 6 pounds 5 ounces, June 23, 2004. He is now around 8 pounds and doing great. Labor lasted 8 hours and he was 3 weeks and 2 days early. I am just starting to get back into the swing of things with my life.

6-16-04 We're all moved in to our new house and we really love it here. Peter Thaler just informed me of a little bad news, my work, Hello I Love You Robot, won't be in the Pictoplasma calendar :( But he is trying to make it up to me by having me submit a work for the exhibit in conjunction with the Pictoplasma conference this fall in Berlin. That will be the "Characters at War" installation at the Zentralbuero. Artists submit eps files of characters and they will be printed out as high quality poster plots and crafted to durable stand ups of varying size. All of the stand-up characters will be positioned in a large room creating an enormous battlefield... I think this is a job for a peace machine. Our baby is due soon, July 16th, and we are just trying to get ready for him! Still unpacking a little.

5-27-04 The movers come Saturday morning and then we're off to Minneapolis! The pregnancy is progressing nicely, still no complaints... I have a bunch of work in an exhibit that opens next Friday, June 4th at a great St. Louis gallery downtown, Gallery Urbis Orbis. The gallerists took a lot of my unframed drawings and small works on paper for their flat files also. I spent a couple weeks in Albuquerque helping my dad with his knee surgery. It went really well and was pretty relaxing for me. The whole time I was there, Jamie was in Minneapolis, fixing up the house and painting. I also got to see Roswell friend Edie Tsong do a two week installation at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque. It involved arrangements of all her belongings in the gallery space, among other things.

4-28-04 I never used to like it when people would tell me, "your art would be great for a child's nursery!" I wanted my work to be great for the corporate headquarters of IRobot or Intel. Anyway, when I got pregnant, Jamie said, maybe now you'll be more interested in doing a children's book. And he was right. So I put together a little sketch of a booklet here in this pdf: Friendly Machines.

4-19-04 We are moving again... After Jamie quit the St. Louis cargo pilot job and tried his hand in a British punk rock band, we have decided that we want to settle down in Minneapolis. We've had enough of moving around for our careers and so 2 weeks ago we drove up there and stayed with friends and family and we found a house to buy. Our house is in uptown on 31st & Bryant and we're really loving it. It's a duplex. So now we need to pack and find jobs! We close on May 7th. I'm also excited because my two identical twin stepbrothers and their wives are expecting babies this year too, so we'll all have newborns this year and our baby will have 2 close cousins to play with.

Today I put together a booklet called "Future Machines Booklet." It's a selection of writings and quotes that I've saved as I've stumbled across them on the internet. They are inspiring for my work and I'd like to share them with people, so I posted the pdf of the booklet on this site. Here's a link to it.

The Wall Ball fundraiser went pretty well, except I got upset because a few ignorant people were using spray paint inside the space... (I got them to stop). I painted a big Millenium Falcon which got auctioned off. It was fun to meet some of the other St. Louis artists. I think the art scene here is really fun, there are always a lot of events to go to and there is a good email list serve, (CriticalMass) to tell me about everything art related that's happening. I hope I can get plugged into the Minneapolis art scene also. When I left there back in 1995, I was just beginning to take my art seriously.

3-27-04 Art news: There's going to be a St. Louis fundraiser, Apr. 17th, called Wall Ball that benefits the South City Open Studio and Gallery for Children and its Stone Soup Scholarship Fund. This is a kids' art organization located near Jamie and I in Tower Grove Park. It's a celebration and silent auction featuring 30 St. Louis Artists creating works of art on the spot during the night of the event. Thanks to Margie and Alan at Gallery Urbis Orbis, I get to participate in this. I'm looking forward to meeting some of the other artists involved, plus it sounds like a fun event. Click here for the info.

3-18-04 I just got back from my long trip to New York. When I got there, I stayed with electric girl and we made a flash animation about a rocket snail that we showed in her friend's animation night at a gallery in Manhattan. I don't even know the name of the gallery! We are still working on getting sound for the animation, so when that's all finished, I'll post a link to it. It was really fun working together with Electric Girl and we have plans to do more collaborations in the future. Jamie arrived with The Screeches from London on Mar. 2nd and we all drove up to the guitarist's mother-in-law's palatial estate in Bedford, NY.We were really living in the lap of luxury up there. For fun, we could take the canoe out on the lake in her back yard. The mother-in-law is Susie Saperstein, great granddaughter of the founder of Roswell, Captain Lea. Funny how small a world it is. After a few days up north in Bedford, Jamie and I stayed at Susie's downtown Manhattan apartment with the singer, Kate Jeans. This was another beautiful home and we were really lucky to stay there.

I went to most of the band's gigs and radio performances around New York, and one day, I caught a cold and stayed in bed all day. Another day, I got together with Roswell artist-in-residence, Michael Beitz, who was in New York visiting his girlfriend Darlene over spring break. We saw a wonderful exhibit of Christopher Dresser's works (designer ahead of his time, late 1800's england) at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum. Then we met Darlene and had dinner at a Tibetan restaurant in the East Village. We then went to see Philip Pearlstein give a talk about his life in art. He's an 80 year old figurative painter from Pittsburgh. He went to school with Andy Warhol at Carnegie Mellon, then they both got into graphic design in New York. He described some of his art historical research into Picabia and Duchamp and showed some slides of both artists' work, portraits of people as machines. Here are some images of Picabia's mechanomorphs that I found so interesting. I felt so lucky to have seen this. I too am currently interested in making portraits of people as machines. Also, portraits of cultural phenomenon such as the band Soft Machine.

The band's best gig by far was at the wonderful , ABC NoRio. Upstairs at ABC NoRio is a screen printing facility and also computer stations and a radical and zine lending library. It really took me back to Minneapolis' old Emma Center. The whole crowd was really sweet, primarily youngsters under 21. Even a couple 10 year olds with their dad. Plus a couple old timers. Young punk boys were hugging each other and the whole crowd moshing and dancing to The Screeches. There were about 200 people there. It was their Saturday hard core matinee show. Also, outside in the back yard is a garden. The Screeches are currently still on tour and tonight they play Philadelphia.

2-19-04 I'm cancelling my artist talk on Feb. 29th at the WAH center. We weren't able to get press releases out on time and since Mumbleboy cancelled and I don't know hardly anyone in NY, I don't expect many people to come. So I will still be there at 3 pm just in case anyone comes, but I'm not planning on putting on an artists presentation, then we take the show down at 5pm. // Other news: last night Jamie and I went to the St. Louis Cine 16 society film night at Mad Art gallery down the street. The Mad Art Gallery is in the art deco police station and it is the nicest alternative art space I have ever seen. Super space. The films were really great, we met some interesting people there and had a lot of fun. Plus it was about 50 degrees out, so we walked there and had a nice evening stroll. One of the Cine 16 organizers, Margie, is also co-owner of Gallery Urbis Orbis in downtown St. Louis.

2-17-04 Portland friends Brian and Kayla release their new feature film: The Good Lot. I can't wait to see it, I wish I could go to the premiere! I really liked Brian's first film Bouncer too. He was my coworker at the Univ. of Oregon Bookstore and he supported me at all of my first art shows.

2-15-04 Ensouled robot golems in cloud atmospheres. Martin Ontiveros' new show in LA at sixspace. I have a few of Portland artist Martin's paintings and he's also the illustrator of Ricky Ricotta and the Giant Robot, a book series for children. In his new work, the robots are pretty much defeated by nature. Their golem spirits escape in little bird balloons that fly away.

2-10-04 The opening in Brooklyn at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center went really well. I was able to meet my internet friends Electric Girl and My Robot Friend finally. Electric Girl hosted Jamie and I and we had a great time and made an Electric Girl-Kelly Computer painting together. We also got to see old friends Jenny Hankwitz and Nathaniel Rowan. The other 4 artists in the show were all really good and after the show most of us went out to eat at a little Thai restaurant down the street. I found out there is a lecture room on the third floor so we are putting on an artist talk where I give a slide show and talk about friendly technology and also Mumbleboy will give a video presentation and talk too.

2-3-04 Jamie is joining a punk rock band!!! Yes, he has quit his job at Airnet and joined The Screeches and they're going on an East coast tour in March. Wow, they're going to playing CBGB and Knitting Factory. Jamie has been in punk bands since he was 15 and in a band called Outcry, playing at First Avenue in Minneapolis. He hasn't played much except for jamming with friends, since he started his pilot training, but then things just fell together a week ago, when his old friend Andy Cooper emailed him out of the blue after 10 years of not hearing from each other... (Interesting tidbit about Jamie's friend Andy, guitarist for the Screeches: Andy's wife Alex is the great great granddaughter of "Captain Lea", who founded Roswell, New Mexico!)

But, we're staying in St. Louis, we have a lease here, I'm having a baby here in July, and besides, the other band members want to move to the states (from London). Sooo, anyway, isn't that exciting? Jamie and I are getting ready to go to NY for the opening at the WAH Center (see above note in bold) and I'll be going back to NY at the end of February to take down the show, visit friends more, and see The Screeches play!

Also, I found there's a vibrant arts community here in St. Louis! I had read an article about how a lot of St. Louis artists move to Chicago or something, but I have been reassured by myriads of people that the situation here is very lively! I've already started to make friends and I'm looking forward to being here. Margie from Urbis Orbis describes St. Louis as "the Brooklyn of the United States."

1-31-04 Today I met Alan & Margie from Gallery Urbis-Orbis, a really nice space in downtown St. Louis. They moved here from Chicago a few years ago and opened their gallery. I get to show my work there this summer in a group show, so I'm pretty excited about that. They also organize the 3rd Thursday 16mm movie night in my neigborhood. So, it's nice to be meeting interesting people and everything. Last night Jamie and I went to an art opening and tonight I'm working on a proposal for an art banner project here in St. Louis.

Thursday night, we saw Polly Apfelbaum talk. She spoke about being an optimist and making art about love. She also said it is important now for her to make art that is about uplifting people and she likes it when her work makes people happy. She said she was listening to the radio and of course musicians are always making songs about love. So she was wondering why not make art about love. And the song she heard was "Today I Love Everybody" so she titled one of her shows "Today I Love Everybody." I think that is so great. Along those lines, Michael Bietz (currently in Roswell) was saying how he wants to make art that allows him to feel peaceful and compassionate. The loving kindness art society is now forming. I'll let you know more as it progresses.

1-27-04 We're all moved in and I have my studio set up. I'm getting some more cards made to send out to people to try and introduce myself and my work to the St. Louis artists and arts organizers. Last weekend Jamie and I went to some openings including a great show at the new Contemporary Art Museum here, Polly Apfelbaum and Yun-Fei Ji. We are becoming aware of all the arts spaces in this town and there are a lot. I'm glad we're here. I'm looking forward to visiting New York in February. I hope to see some old friends there like Nathaniel Rowan and Jenny Hankwitz, and meet some internet friends in person for the first time, like Electric Girl, My Robot Friend and Mumbleboy. There is a card for the Brooklyn show you can see here. I'm still not used to the ice and snow. Yesterday it rained ice then snowed on top of it all. My dad tells me that in Roswell it was 60 yesterday.

1-13-04 The moving truck comes tomorrow with all our stuff on it. Jamie and I have been sleeping on the air mattress. Our new place has a wood stove and we've been using that a lot. I just read an article in the newspaper about the St. Louis art scene and the reporter said that there basically is no scene. There are good museums, but the local artists and gallery scene is very small. Everyone seems to go to Chicago. I sure hope I can find at least as vibrant a community here as what we had in Roswell! That was really a great arts community there. It is super warm and nice here, 50 degrees in the daytime and sunny. There is an old police station down the street that's very art deco, it's been converted into an artspace and they have free 16 mm movies there on 3rd Thursdays. I haven't been to any of the museums yet, but we have the St. Louis art museum, the Contemporary museum of art, the Pulitzer foundation for the arts, the Laumeier sculpture park, and 3 university art spaces. About Chicago: Jamie is flying there and back to St. Louis 4 days a week. I'm excited to tag along with him once in a while and spend the weekend up at my brother Jeff's place there. About Minneapolis: My uncle Jim is lobbying hard for Jamie and I to drive there soon and visit. So that's another thing I want to do. I hope I make some sales at this upcoming show in Brooklyn!

1-3-04 Happy New Year everybody! I just updated the old website with some recent paintings and ceramic pieces. Also, there are some photos that Jamie took of my ceramics around New Mexico. Real News: We're expecting a baby in August! and We're moving to St. Louis! I just got back from the holiday season in St. Louis where we found an apartment. Jamie's cargo pilot job has him based there. Also, since we were in Missouri over the holidays, we got to spend Christmas with our good friends (who we met while they were on the Roswell residency) Eric Sall and Rachel Hayes and their families in Kansas City. I was planning on pursuing my MFA at OSU Columbus in the fall, but when we found out our new baby family member is on the way, I decided to wait til I could really devote my time to it and that is also what caused us to not settle in Columbus. Jamie's schedule in St. Louis will allow him to be home much more and he won't have to work the graveyard shift.

11-20-03 Jamie and I will be moving soon. He is currently in training for a cargo pilot position in Columbus, Ohio. The company, AirNet may base us in one of about 25 eastern/midwestern cities, but we expect to be able to transfer to Columbus by the summer of '04. I am applying to their MFA program.

Lots of people have tried to encourage me to get a masters in art, but I could never take them seriously, I mean the idea of spending 20 to 60,000 dollars just to get a degree... an artist can grow and challenge themselves and spend that money on art supplies and a studio.... But last year, Eddie Dominguez & Diane Marsh told me that there are some universities where the MFA students don't have to pay! OSU is one of these places. 49 out of 50 grad students didn't have to pay tuition and also, they get paid. That seems unbelieveable, to go to get an MFA, and not have to pay tuition. Most MFA students teach 2 hours a day and receive $900 a month. But that's only during the school year. There's another possibility, some students receive fellowships of $1200 a month even during the summer, and they don't even have to teach or work on anything besides their art. Another reason I never wanted to go to grad school in art is that I really didn't want to have some lousy painting instructor come into my studio and tell me my work was crap. I mean, that was my idea of critiques-- that professors and fellow students tore each other apart in order to spur them on to create better work. Well, my friends here in Roswell tell me that pretty much doesn't happen in MFA programs any more, that the culture has changed. That's good. I'm a firm believer in positive reinforcement.... So, that's pretty much my big news. The most exciting thing about grad school is it's like a two year artist residency. I'd never thought of it like that before.

I'll be posting some images of the ceramic robots and things I've been making this year. Artists, thinkers that have been inspiring me lately: the Dalai Lama, Eduardo Paolozzi (british pop artist whose work is about machines) here is a webpage describing his print series, the Turing Enigma, I ordered a used book of Paolozzi's from his 1971 retrospective at the Tate. Powells.com the bookstore in Portland has every single book you could want. One more thing, I'm inspired by Electric Girl's blog everyday.

9-5-03 I'm updating the site with a flash experiment. For the past couple weeks, I've been trying to learn flash, and it's been going pretty well. I bought the program 2 or 3 years ago, but it was hard to figure out. It's very different. I still have a lot to learn. I recently got to be in a show in Portland called "Weapons of Mass Production" at Just Be Compound Gallery.

6-1-03 Just heard from Jonathan Rundman about the STYX album, here's what he says:
"Happy June everybody, This Tuesday the STYX TRIBUTE album will be publically available! It'll go on sale at Pastemusic.com and Amazon.com. If you'd like to purchase the CD, please go to these places: PASTEMUSIC for ONLINE CREDIT CARD ORDERS http://www.pastemusic.com/product/573 SALT LADY RECORDS for mailorder http://www.saltlady.com/order.htm"
It's really a great cd. Monday's my last day at my normal job, Alpha Omega Printing. If you know of any one I should send materials to, trying to get illustration gigs for my art, let me know!

5-18-03 I'm updating the website again with images from some of the illustration gigs I've had. I'm quitting my job at Alpha-Omega Printing (as a graphic designer) and going to get more jobs as an illustrator. If you know someone I should contact or send my packet to, drop me an email. Other news: I'm really excited about my electronic friends, Electric Girl and My Robot Friend. Electric Girl and I are collaborating on a children's story about a snail with a rocket for a shell. And we may end up doing a theme flash-website collaboration with My Robot Friend. See their pages My Robot Friend is an amazing musician and performer. His robot exoskeleton lights up when he performs. Electric Girl is a pop-culture chronicler and website designer with an affinity for friendly technology.

4-12-03 Just updated the ol' website with some new images of the ceramic robots and rockets exhibited in the Studio Aiello show. Today is my brother Jeff's Birthday. He is a photographer, and his wife Kate is a songwriter and musician. Take a look at their websites.... Jeff & Kate.

4-9-03 Got back to Roswell on Sunday from Denver. Jamie and I installed the peace machines wall collage with Tyler Aiello's help. On the 3rd, we painted a big blue rectangle, 12'high x 18'wide, then we mounted each peace machine paper cutout onto the wall. There was a total of about 330. We stayed with my mom's great friends, Phyl and Jim in Englewood, and had lots of good food and were well cared for every night. To see pictures, click here. The opening was very exciting, some friends from Roswell came up, artists Eric Sall and Rachel Hayes, and I met a bunch of great artists and people. The other artists, Hyland Mather and Louisa Armbrust were a good fit, all of our art was colorful, simple, youthful/child-like. Hyland really inspired Jamie and I! He uses LED lights in his paintings and now Jamie and I want to collaborate on something using LED Lights. The next day, we went to see the gallery that Hyland is a founder of, Andenken Gallery, and they had a robot show! It was very cool. There is a group of robot artists in Denver making some neat things, including Tesla coils, and soft green robots. When Jamie and I got back in town, there was a message from Yuko Nii of the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center saying that my work had won an artistic achievement award by juror Charlotta Kotik, the curator and chair of contemporary art at the Brooklyn Art Museum! Yay, this means I will get to exhibit again at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center. I started sending Yuko postcards a couple years ago because I saw she was putting on some really cool shows, and she contacted me to submit work for the Characterism show, which was a big group show that opened Saturday the 5th. Also, this week, my art will be on the cover of the Portland Mercury, a free weekly newspaper in Portland, Oregon. My art has received very much attention in the past two weeks with the cell phone, the cd cover, the Portland Mercury and the two art shows, and I am excited about the future. I contacted my sister-in-law, Lisa McHugh and she gave me some ideas about how to get some more commercial illustration gigs with my paintings. Up until now, I've only focused on the fine art side because I don't want to create work especially for a client (like drawings of people drinking coffee), but now it seems there may be a market for the paintings I've been making, which would be cool. I guess it helps that I know how to do graphic design things. Along those lines, my job at Alpha-Omega Printing is still going really well, I work part-time and I just started getting INSURANCE which has been a major goal of mine for a while. Jamie and I are going to L.A. in May for friends Roberto and Heather's wedding. Also, I hope to go to Portland in the end of April for a long weekend. Photos and images from the exhibits to be posted soon.

4-1-03 Been so busy! Here is my design for friend Jonathan Rundman's (Saltlady Record Label) CD project cover design: Too Much Time On Our Hands: A Styx Tribute Album. Here is a design based on a painting that I just submitted today for Siemen's cell phone covers. These two jobs came out of the blue. I have been wary of soliciting commercial art applications for my work because I don't like being told what to create, but both of these projects gave me free reign and were interested in art I had already created. I think I will try to get more work along these lines since I know how to do the graphic design anyway. The show in Denver opens Friday along with the show in Brooklyn. The art director for the Portland newspaper cover project never contacted me again... weird. Hopefully I will still be able to do that soon. Other news??? I've been making the ceramic robots and rockets (part of the peace machines). Photo to come soon.

Cancelled-Feinstein's Museum of Unfine Art, Eugene, OR (schedule conflict)

3-5-03 Got an email inviting me to do a cover for the Portland Mercury (a free weekly newspaper). I will make a note when I know when it will be published. Also, I got a phone call from the director of the Williamsburg Art and Historical Society (in Brooklyn) inviting me to submit to their "Characterism" show, so also, I will have more information on that as it comes in. I am going to be a guest artist on March 18th in Jennie Bower's art class at ENMU-R. I am also helping the Pecos Valley Potters Guild to post the email announcement of their juried show, I will get a link soon for this.

2-23-03 Still working on peace machine wall collage project. (Image of detail) So far, I have about 300 pieces. I'm also still working on a grid drawing project with my mom. Still working part time at the print shop. I just started using a wireless pen instead of a mouse. It's called a Wacom tablet. I'm really excited about that and hope to make more computer drawings with it. The ceramics studio here is one of my fave things about Roswell. I'm working on some friendly machine sculptures that I hope to exhibit this spring in Denver, and then in Portland in the summer. They are three dimensional representations of my drawings. I've also been making bowls, plates and tiles with the images from my drawings. The great thing about the peace machines project is that it's about making a large quantity of drawings. All are quickly executed with ink and markers, so there is a feeling of spontaneity. It is like a sketchbook turned onto the gallery walls.

1-1-03 There was a fun New Year's Eve Dance Party last night on the residency compound. People got dressed up in fancy prom-like outfits and we danced to one of the artists' collection of funk/disco records. Still, I was sad to miss my step-brother Chris McHugh's wedding to Lisa Packowski in Minneapolis. The reception was New Year's Eve. I hope to get to Minneapolis soon to see them and visit old friends and rustle up a show. Today at home, Jamie and I discovered that our basement became flooded while we were out of town for Christmas. We were wondering what that musty smell was! Our landlord is over here replacing a backyard faucet that busted.

Art-wise I'm working on a project called 1000 Friendly Machines or 1000 Peace Machines. They are black and white ink and brush drawings of various robot-satellite-machine shapes, colored in different ways. Each drawing is cut out of paper then collaged together with the others onto a wall. I hope to have 1000 made by sometime this summer. I am making a large quantity (1000) to communicate a feeling of being surrounded by very many friendly/peaceful machines. Here is an image.

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