Links to other sites out there...

SooVAC Soo Visual Arts Gallery, 27th and Lyndale, Minneapolis - In addition to great art exhibits, they have a shop with local art at good prices. You can find my ceramic robot magnets there and some prints.

Peace Machine - a Kelly Newcomer comic

Mumbleboy is one of my favorite artists. Now he and his wife Kao are making work collaboratively as mumbreeze. - robot kaniwa, papermache - recycled and also his flash animations... look at the blogs too to see their drawings and collages. Also they have mumble dolls. Kind of look like robots - sort of unclassifiable.

Emery Blagdon - healing machine Aaron and Ayumi Piland’s wonderful art. A description from July 2006: “The Happy Hermits (APAK) are shy, playful, gentle , and kind. They are a tiny little forest folk who live along the mossy ground. If your patient and quiet they may come out to play. If they do they just might take you to a hidden place that only they can find. Follow them down a secret trail deep into their mysterious and magical forest where they will introduce you to animal friends of many kinds. Play games, explore, make new discoveries, and have a good time.” I love tiny forest folk!

Die Gestalten (publisher)

My page on flickr

Jeff Newcomer Minneapolis Photographer Jeff Constantly Newcomer specializes in photographing and retouching for Events, Corporate, Jewelry, Food, and Industrial.

James Ronnei Punk rock pilot and fire walker photographer (my husband!)

Laurina Paperina, artist friend in Italy

If you want to buy a neat thing, go to my friend's store: RobotLOVE

Artist friend John Dooley

My Robot Friend Super musician with song, "I am the Robot"

Electric Girl a girl who is electric

Rachel Hayes friend and Roswell Artist in Residence

Wonderfarms Adorable fluffy space creatures

Emily Lloyd My Portland friend, another artist

Roswell Artist in Residence Program A year long paid residency in New Mexico


Edie Tsong and Kelly Newcomer, paperboard satellites


Francis Picabia's Machine Portraits


Baby Everett born June 23, 2004 to Kelly and Jamie