Blog 1-17-20

About my favorite paints: All of my paints were getting old and I had to go get new supplies. My favorite brand after trying a lot of different ones is M. Graham of Oregon. This company mills the pigment very fine so the paint is luscious and creamy. It also has more pigment than other brands. Especially the Pthalo Blues.

Favorite blue: I was taught by painting professor Hank Rowan at the University of Minnesota a beautiful blue, the best blue. It is a combination of cobalt blue and pthalo blue (green shade).

Favorite black: do not use black from a tube. I love black that is a mixture of opposites. For example, alizarin crimson and pthalo green. This combination is also a bit translucent.

Why do I use acrylics and watercolor? Because of kids and pets. Since oils take a long time to dry and I have a home studio/or paint on the go with kids and pets.

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